6 ways to still "be yourself" while TTC

So mama-bear,

This year is the 30th year of my life.

Although I know that I have lots of growing and evolving ahead of me (mostly because I loveeee mentally and spiritually growth so much) – and according to my mom and Oprah, life just gets better and better with age (because you stop giving so many fucks) – I definitely lost touch with who I really am while navigating my 20’s.

In my 20's, I got caught up in what I should be doing - instead of what I loved to do.


What I “should” be eating.

How I “should” be spending my money.

What I “should” be wearing.

How much I “should” be working.

What workout I “should” be doing.

How I “should” be behaving.


I mean the list goes on….and on….and ON.

It wasn’t until my 30th year that I BOLDLY declared: 

It was time for me to become a bad ass woman.

A woman who lived a life according to HER. And to actually spend every day doing what her heart yearned for – GUILT FREE!

  • Like getting my hands dirty in the garden, planting my hydrangeas.

  • Cooking homemade meals – from scratch (I’m currently eating my homemade lasagna for breakfast as I type this out to you – because I CAN!)

  • Resting as much as I damn well please.

  • And exchanging the word “work” for PLAY because guurrlll, you can have a blast while working.

That’s the thing about certain life experiences like the fertility journey: 

What appears to be an “unfavorable” situation to the average person… can actually be what wakes you up out of the Bull shit lie that your life has limits. 

I know that while trying to make a baby, you can lose touch with who you really are. Because it can take over your life - and your mind.


What if your fertility journey was designed to actually bring you BACK to yourself?

BACK home. BACK to your body. BACK to doing what lit you UP when you were a wild child little girl…spending hours in nature, baking your fav foods, taking long naps in the middle of the day, playing board games and dancing like no one is watching... 

All of which INCREASE your fertility, your frequency and your mind-body connection.

So in this weeks podcast, I talk ALL about:

6 ways you can still "BE YOURSELF" while TTC.

...just so that I can make the transition easier for you. 

Take a listen. Get hella inspired. Take a baby step of action to let go of “shoulding” and receive all the magic available of you – when you finally say YES to yourself!

LISTEN NOW mama-bear! 

MUCH love,

Xo Spenser


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