How to love your body, EVEN IF you're not pregnant yet.

Hey mama-bear,

When you catch yourself naked in the mirror, as you get ready to hop in the shower...what do you say to your body?

Do you tug on your skin - your stomach, arms or thighs - to see what it would look like if your body would finally decide to get “slimmer”? 

When you get your period for the upteenth time, wishing your womb was carrying a baby and not letting go of blood...what do you say to your body? 

Do you secretly shame and resent her - in hopes that this “nope ☝🏼 I’m not satisfied with you” attitude will make your body look and do the things you want it to do? 

Nowwwww... WAIT JUST A MINUTE ✋🏻 

Before you go on judgin’ yourself for judgin’...

Body shaming is the cultural norm.

We’ve been conditioned to believe that there is only ONE, very specific type of body that is allowed to be accepted. 

-She's slim - but not too slim.

-She's toned - but not too toned.

-And she can get pregnant at the drop of a hat. 

OH, and another thing...

It’s total and complete bull shit. 

Because acceptance of your body. Acceptance of her. As she is. Right fucking now. Is what she yearns for, the most, from you.

Research is showing that your body physically responds to EXACTLY how you speak to her (more about this inside the podcast - it’s amazing) 

And right now, in my brand new podcast, imma show you:

How to change that conversation with her. Your miracle of a body. So that you can both reflect nothing but LOVE, SAFETY and JOY to each other. 

And create that beautiful baby...together ❤️ 

It’s time for body shaming to be OVER. Done with. 

Women deserve SO MUCH better than this. 

Be a part of this change.

Listen now mama-bear: 

With so much love to you and your BANGIN' body, 

XO Spenser

PS. This subject is so close to my heart that I can’t help but start crying half way through. My body really felt and responded to everything I was saying, by reflecting back love and appreciation to me, through tears of joy. This shit is MAGIC 💫 Listen now! 



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