Slow down your day. Drastically improve your fertility.

Hey gorg,

I want you to imagine the last vaca you were on…

You were in zero rush. Ate your delicious meals slowly. Breathed deeply as you took in the beautiful sites. Had lively conversations. Savoured the day from start to finish. 

Ahhhhhh...such a beautiful memory....

And although you weren’t in any rush – you (some how?) still managed to do and see everything you wanted to.

This is the magic that happens when we stop rushing through life and let ourselves go slow. 

This is why people go on vacation and get pregnant (after trying for years). 

This is why we yearn for travel. 

Yes… I know… every day is not a vacation. Ya got shit ta do – people ta see. 

But if you were to make a conscious decision to slow down your day – by doing something as SIMPLE as eating your meals slower….you would shift your nervous system and your hormones into the optimal, baby-making state. And you can achieve this, WITHOUT compromising your to-do list. 

In fact, in my case… I actually get more done by doing things slower.

Listen to this weeks brand NEW podcast and you'll learn:

  • WHAT does it look like to slow down your day.

  • WHY slowing down makes you feel like you’re on a vaca every damn day (Hint: We learned this from the French!)

  • HOW slowing down strengthens your mind-body connection and increases your fertility.

  • HOW can you start doing it TODAY.

You have the choice to rush through life – in the false belief that it will bring you what you want, faster.

Or you can have that peace. That joy. That pleasure. Today. 

Listen now mama-bear!

Xo Spenser



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