How to pick yourself up and restore faith while TTC.

“It’s just not gonna happen for me.” My client said over and over again. 

“My bodies not working. I don’t know if I’ll ever get pregnant. I’m just so frustrated!” She continued.

For that entire session, she went on and on. And I just let her vent. 

I held a safe space for her to just let it all out – without judgement.

All of our previous sessions were spent in a very healing space. Filled with joy, tears, laughter and AHA’s. 

But this session, she let that herself grieve. 

And to her surprise, she found out the next week, that she was pregnant.

Too often, we label the process of grieving or feeling our true, deep feelings as “bad”.

Culture suggests we just:

“get over it” 

“move on”

“think positively” 

When sometimes, what’s needed most at the soul level – is to feel all of your feelings. Even the uncomfortable ones.

On this week podcast, learn exactly how to pick yourself up and restore faith – while TTC. 

  • After realizing it’s been X amount of years since TTC.

  • After a failed IVF transfer.

  • Or after making drastic change with zero results.

Learn how to move forward on your fertility journey – and it’s not in the conventional way. 

Hint: It’s not out of it. It’s through it. 

Xo Spenser



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