Feeling impatient to get pregnant?

Hey beautiful,

When someone asks you to “have patience” for your baby…. which is something that you want reaaallllyy badly…. it feels like being on day 2 of a juice cleanse with a steaming hot, authentic pizza right in front of you 😡

It feels painful. Frustrating. And obnoxiously annoying.

And in all honesty, the idea of patience drove me nut-so for many years of my life. Because I’m a decisive person. I mean, at the nail salon… my esthetician always comments on how fast I pick my toe color 💅🏽 I know what I want – so why would I wait?

But there are certain experiences in life *cough* the fertility journey *cough* that opens up a side of your that wasn't there before...

A side that takes words, like patience, and gives it a completely different meaning from what you thought. A deeper meaning. That makes so much fucking sense. And fills your body with much-needed relief and joy. 

So no. Patience isn’t all about waiting. And toughing it out until the clouds clear and then IT’S TIME!!!

Hellll to the no. Patience is an act of self-love. A life-changing one at that. And because of that, today’s podcast is all about: How to bring more patience into your fertility journey.

In this weeks podcast, you'll learn:

  • Why patience can be so difficult to have some days (hint: it ain’t your fault)

  • Simple mindset shifts that make patience easier to create when TTC

  • Why patience makes things happen faster

Tune in to make the torture of impatience, a thing of your past. 

Listen now mama-bear!

Lots of love!

Xo Spenser 

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