Are you self-sabotaging your dream life?

Hey mama-bear,

Are you ever on a roll with your life?...

You’re workin’ out, eating pretty well, tying up loose-ends at work, and feeling confident about this cycle – TO THEN have it all come crashing down after bingeing on Mcdonalds and vodka sodas at 1AM last Saturday night 😣

The momentum and self-love about things feeling pretty awesome, have disappeared. And replaced with guilt and preparation to get your period.

If this is a pattern in your life - the, “Holy shit. Things are feeling GREAT right now! 👍🏾” to then doing something that triggers the, “NEVERMIND – everything’s back to normal 👎🏾” …

Then you may be dealing with a case of self-sabotaging behavior.

Self-sabotaging behavior is subconscious behavior that’s triggered by feelings of too much good.

It’s what our monkey mind convinces us to do to protect ourselves from “getting our hopes up” – yet only keeps us stuck in re-creating our past.

We don’t do it on purpose. It’s super hidden in the subconscious. But you’re gonna learn to access it and let it go today in the BRAND NEW PODCAST! 🎙

Trust me. This shit is magic. Because keepin’ the self-sabotaging game alive, will only keep you playing small and in hiding – when baby-girl, you were meant to SHINE! 🌞

Listen to today’s podcast to learn:

  • How to spot self-sabotaging behavior

  • Why we really do it.

  • How to stop it in its tracks ✋🏾 before it takes over your dream life – baby included 💕

All my love mama-bear,

Xo Spenser



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