How to “Life Coach” your way to loving your body at any size, shape or pregnancy status.

Hey mama-bear,

Ever compare your body to the women standing next to you in line at the Starbucks and think, “Man, I wonder what she eats. How often does she exercise? Check out that thigh gap!”

After spending a week, practically naked in my bikini on the beach in Maui, I had these thoughts on the daily.

You been here before?

When we have these thoughts, the monkey mind is making it mean that compared to yours, her body is more attractive, more healthy, more in control and that she’s happier than you, right?

Which creates the WHOLE shaming-blaming-judging mind games that lead to depriving yourself or over-eating.…(in my case, over-eating until my stomach hurt.)

And it may even lead to looking at yourself in the mirror…naked…and calling your body words I won’t even mention.

All because of comparison.

As you get conscious of the incessant need to compare that our culture/the media/the fashion industry has instilled in us, you realize that:

All of these thoughts your monkey mind is making up about her body in comparison to yours - isn’t really true.

I know this because I coached myself out of shaming my body and into loving it, in this week’s podcast:

If you want to change the relationship with your body… to trust your body, get pregnant, or lose the weight all starts with your thoughts. NOT the food in your fridge.

Listen now mama-bear!

Xo Spenser

PS. Ever wonder WTF Life Coaching is? In this podcast, I actually coach myself. I ask a lot of the questions and use a lot of the coaching tools and techniques that have changed my life and the lives of women like you, all around the world.



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