How to feel safe getting your hopes ALL THE WAY UP!

Hey mama-bear,

Have you ever been told that old school saying,“Don’t get your hopes up!”

If you’re anything like me… LOTS! I’d get it from certain people after talking about my goals and dreams.  (Sometimes they didn’t even have to say it – They’d just give me a look like, “Ya right.” and I would knew they didn’t believe in me. TG I’m a MF rebel 😈)

While on the fertility journey, you might even start to believe this BS lie. 

Because after months or years of the pregnancy not happening, you choose not to get excited about it. To protect yourself.

But what if we shifted our perception of hope? 

What if you decided to get your hopes ALL THE WAY UP 🎶 *que the French Montana and Fat Joe song* 

Not for the circumstance, but the FEELING you believe that circumstance will bring you - and ultimately attract your desired circumstance...your beautiful baby… to come to you?! 

Sounds fucking amazing, right?

Learn exactly how to get your hopes back up - in this weeks brand spankin’ new podcast 🎙

How to feel safe getting your hopes ALL THE WAY UP on the road to your baby.


Coming from someone who’s been through the torture of closing her heart and telling herself, “You shouldn’t get your hopes up.”… 

...The secret to opening your heart to receive, is to stop waiting for something outside of yourself to do it for you.

You can create all the joy, all the feelings and all the belief in the world that this baby will happen.

So listen to the podcast, then after that, listen to this song and realize that nothing can stop you, when you get your hopes ALL THE WAY UP! 

All my 💜,




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