The life-changing power of ASKING for what you want!


It’s a NEW PODCAST release day and I PROMISE this one will get you all fired up for the new year! 🔥🔥🔥

Asking for what you want seems like a DUH kinda thing that a human would feel totally comfortable doing, right?

But you would be A M A Z E D at how much people *cough* women *cough* have a hard time asking for what they want/need/desire. Because our minds have been conditioned to put others before ourselves.

So even if you’re up to our knees in work deadlines, keeping the house in order and…Oh ya! Trying to make that baby (!!!) 😝 – you feel guilty asking your partner for help.

EVEN IF that help would clear your worried mind and calm your tired body. EVEN IF you’d be a much more pleasant person to be around. EVEN IF it would relieve you of all that pressure to do and be all the things.

And here’s the catch:

Asking for what you want has nothing to do with being “deserving”.

It has everything to do with your thoughts and feelings about yourself.

It’s all about self-worth.

Feeling confident to ask for the raise, the help, the sale, the boundaries etc… all comes down to how much you love and value yourself. 

AKA. It all starts with your thoughts and it all starts within. 

Tune into today’s podcast to learn HOW TO value yourself, increase your self-worth, your ability to RECEIVE and ask for fucking help – so that you can begin this brand new year with the intention of falling madly in love with yourself.  


I don’t care what anyone says – self-love is the greatest medicine, antidote or “magic pill” to finally creating your baby. 

Xo Spenser

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