10 of my FAV Things for the Holidays! 🎄

Happy Holidays mama-bear!

Whether you need some gift ideas for yourself, want to buy something special for a loved one, or get yourself a little something' somethin'… (DO IT!) Here is a list of my favorite 10 things for this holiday season! 

1. Zen as F*ck: A Journal for Practicing the Mindful Art of Not Giving a Sh*t


I have this on my Christmas list (here’s to hoping!) and I’ve been gifting this to clients because it’s just. too. fucking. awesome. If you know me, you know my potty mouth. And I love how it debunks the stereotype or needing to be/act/talk a certain way, even if you’re “spiritual”. Plus, journaling has been life-changing for me this year and these have GREAT prompts to go deep, have fun and get inspired.

2. LuluLemon Wunder Under High-Rise Tight 


I’m actually obsessed with these leggings that can go from your work-out, to a date-night out. They serve dual purposes, because they have a leather sheen to them. So you can pair them with your work-out top for your yoga class OR a cute sweater for a NYE party! Plus, they make your bum look sooo good.

3. RMS Makeup


Who doesn’t love clean, non-toxic makeup that doesn’t compromise the quality and effectiveness of the product? RMS is my fav– that just happens to be fertile-friendly! I love their Living Luminizer for a more natural looking highlighter, and their “Un”Cover-Up as a fab concealer for under eyes and any other red areas. It also feels super light on the skin. 

4. Smeg Tea Kettle

Smeg Tea Kettle.png

In the winter, I love me some cozy tea. I have, on average, 2-3 cups a day to keep me warm and hydrated. This kettle is convenient - as it brings tea to a perfect temperature (not too hot) at the click of a button - and it’s really beautiful to leave on the counter in my kitchen. Did you know that Wild Raspberry and Stinging Nettle tea are ideal for fertility? They’re delish mixed together with some raw, organic honey – which, according to the Medical Medium, creates miracles 😉

5. Anthropologie Mugs

anthropologie mugs

I love sipping my tea in Anthropologie’s adorable vintage-looking mugs. Don’t try and match. Have fun with a bunch of different shapes and colors! I have a mixture of 5 different ones that brighten my day every time I pull one out to enjoy a cozy cup of tea.

6. Golden Goose Sneakers


These babies are pricey – but they’re dope AF. When I was in Phoenix a few months back, I saw a lot of women wearing them and they looked very stylish and can literally go with any outfit. A dress, jeans or even sweats…I love ANYTHING that makes sweats look acceptable, because comfort is super important to me. Note: I snagged a pair of these on sale, so look around for better prices!

7. The Power of Now 


If you listen to my podcasts, you know how much I refer to "my guy", Eckhart Tolle. I remember picking this book up years ago and putting it down because I didn’t understand it. It was like reading another language. But then I gave it another shot a couple years later - and it completely changed my life. I was ready. I grab this book whenever I’m feeling out of sorts and it tunes me right back into the present moment. A great read for you or a loved one. 

8. Yoni Wand

yoni wand.png

Okay – I have yet to try this. But I’ve heard amazing things about this pleasure wand. I’ve even heard that it can clear old and stored sexual trauma from the past, which is ideal for fertility and restoring your womb with new life. Juliet Allen is a sex expert I follow, who is very progressive, but there’s something about her that immediately taps me into my femininity. She has a podcast that you can listen to here. 

9. A reading from The Tarot Lady


So… I’ve had A LOT of tarot card readings in my 30 years of life. Mostly because they’re fun and entertaining. But I was gifted a reading to this woman for a short 15-minute reading over the phone and was told she was the best. And mama-bear, she really is the best. I can honestly say that my reading with her, changed my life in a big way. She was accurate, compassionate and you could tell that she was connected to a higher-power with high integrity (which I believe is missing from the tarot-card industry). It would be SUCH a life-changing gift! 

10. Sign up for the Fertile Ground Group Program!

fertile ground group program

Give yourself the gift of transformation! The Fertile Ground group program starts up in January – and what a powerful way to start a new and exciting year! It’s an 8-week experience for women ready to transform their fertility story into an extraordinary adventure of self-love. Which is what I know in my heart, to be the ultimate manifestor to all of your dreams!

Here’s a review from a recent graduate: 

“Just wanted to share with you how very thankful I am for you and your program because I just found out that I am PREGNANT! Your podcasts and the group program have absolutely changed my life and I couldn't have done this without you! You taught me to let go of that need to control everything and that less is so much more-after a year and a half of trying everything imaginable, this was the first cycle I really gave up everything I had been trying before and just let the universe take over - no acupuncture, no excessive supplements, no pregnancy tests every day (or 2 times a day, let's be real here), no obsessing and here we are! Thank you from the bottom of my heart for helping me get here! You are changing lives with the beautiful work you do and I am eternally grateful!”

You can put yourself on the waitlist (and early bird pricing) by clicking here! 

I hope you enjoyed a few of my favorite things! 🎶 Wishing you and your loved ones a BEAUTIFUL holiday season! ❤️

ALSO - Keep an eye out for an email within the next week, inviting you to a FREE training on: How to survive the holidays while TTC. I know it can be a tough time, but I’ll be showing you simple ways on how you can tap into the miracle of it! 

Until then! 

Xo Spenser


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