The art of doing nothing.

Hey mama-bird,

Have you ever heard of La Dolce Far Niente?

It’s what the Italians call *que the Italian accent and hand gesture* 👌🏽

“The sweetness of doing nothing.”

There’s a scene in Eat, Pray, Love (which you can watch here) where Julia Roberts aka. Liz Gilbert is getting a loving lecture from an Italian who’s talking about Americans. He says they work their asses of during the week – only to spend the weekends in front of the TV in their PJ’s. Like Julia Roberta said in the movie, he’s not far off, right?! 

Not only do Italians live longer than us and have more years of good health, (the world’s oldest woman was Italian and died at the age of 117 last year...117 years old!!!) Italians know the art of doing nothing - like North Americans know the hustle and grind. 

They don’t over-plan their days with to-do’s and don’t feel a need to always be reaching. When they’re tired, they nap… regardless of time, and when they’re bored, they take a stroll through the narrow streets of Italy or call friends to take a trip to a nearby city. They allow these pockets of the sweetness of doing nothing, to fill their lives with inspiration, spontaneity and a full, present life. 

In North America, we all about producing 🏋🏽 The grind is what we know and trust, and it’s what our culture has taught us will bring us all of our dreams, from the baby, to the money, to the respect from friends and family.

But let’s be real: It can be hard for us to chill the fuck out. We tend to put wealth before health.

It’s hard for me to find a day, when I DON’T think about what I could/should be doing to feel productive (aka, worthy). And I’m not gonna lie, I often feel like I need to produce, in order to deserve pleasure. All because of our social conditioning. It's what we think is "normal".

This mindset leads to pressure and stress on the the mind and the body and overpowers (the fucking best) energy like creativity and inspiration – which totally feed’s me life and ironically, productivity because I’m so damn inspired.

So I’m giving myself permission to incorporate La Dolce Far Niente into my life. And I’d absolutely love for you to join.

In today’s podcast, you’ll learn all about: The art of doing nothing.

  • How this new way of living will improve your fertility, both physically and emotionally. 

  • Where do you start, without becoming a bag lady on the street?

  • The deeper limiting belief that you can let go of - when you incorporate La Dolce Far Niente.

It’s time for us to let go of needing to prove that we deserve the love and joy of these simple moments in life – that’d we’d have access to now…if we just did nothing for a little while…

Listen now gorgeous!

Lots of love!

Xo Spenser 



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