Are you triggered by pregnancy announcements?

Hey gorgeous,

One of the biggest triggers my client’s face are pregnancy announcements. 

By FAR mama-bear.

On our coaching calls, it goes something like, “I want to be happy for them. And I am! Really Spenser…I am. But I can’t help but feel jealous and more alone than ever.”

And without awareness. Without mind-body work… these announcements can make you feel like a human punching bag while on the journey to your baby. 

It can take you from shoulders-back-chin-up kinda confidence -> to feeling like a popped, deflated, wrinkled up balloon, in T-minus 2 seconds.

As a Life Coach, I see these kind of “triggers” or “set-backs” as opportunities for change and transformation. In fact, I like to think of triggers as the Universe shining a flashlight on these events, as an answer to your prayers.

So, in today’s brand new podcast 🎙 we’re going to explore the trigger of comparison.

And mama-bear, it’s magic 💫 

Because what comparison is, is basically a huge set of lies. 

You have a choice on whether or not you want your fertility journey to be run by these lies – or trade them in for a set of TRUTHS to make your mind and body feel more ready than EVER to make your baby. 


Gone are the days when you are over-taken for days, weeks or even months by someone else’s pregnancy announcement. There is a way through it. 

A way that takes you FROM: 

  • Separation to connection. 

  • Isolation to celebration.

  • Self-doubt to self-love.

  • And from suffering to truth.

With SO much LOVE ✨

Xo Spenser

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