You don’t need to be perfect, to get pregnant.

Hey mama-bear,

Let me ask you a Q…

Do you often imagine a more disciplined, put together, “perfect” version of yourself– and think, ”Once I get my shit together and be more like her, THEN I’ll get pregnant.” ?

But no matter how many times you change your diet. No matter how many different workouts you try. No matter how many fertility meditations you listen to on YouTube…you always seem to fall short of this flawless version of you.

Because you ALWAYS find something wrong with her. Something that needs fixing 🛠

But here’s the deal…

Who you’re striving to become…this perfectly put together woman… she ain’t coming. Because perfection is totally and completely unattainable.

Although your monkey mind wants you to believe that perfection has your best interest at heart – trying to convince you that once you reach a certain point THENNNN you’ll be good enough to get pregnant – although you’ve believed this thought to be healthy and good for you, perfection is a moving target 🏹

There is no such thing as “good enough” in the deceptive game of perfection.

And if you continue to believe that “everything needs to be perfect, in order for me to get pregnant” then this will be your reality.

In today’s brand new podcast, you’ll shift your reality as you learn how to let go of the impossible standards of perfection. So that you can let go of all the conditions you place on yourself, to open your mind and body up to pregnancy and embrace being and feeling enough NOW.

I also have to say that I received an incredible amount of healing bringing this podcast together for you. I’m so excited for us BOTH to let go of the cultural BS belief that we’re not enough UNTIL.

No more waiting. No more striving. You are enough. You are ready. Just as you are.

Your time is now.

Lots of love!

Xo Spenser

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