Do you feel like you’re falling behind?

Hey mama-bear!

It’s official. I’ve been lapped.” – one of my Fertile Ground students writes in our FB group, right after her SIL announces her second pregnancy.

Pregnancy announcements can be a reminder of how long this child is really taking (What’s taking so long baby?!) And then triggers the oh-so-common fear of falling behind.

When you’re in your head, going through the years of trying, this thought hurts.

But when you give yourself distance, it’s kind of absolutely ridiculous how we measure both ours and others “success” and whether or not we’re “behind or ahead”.

Cause we all know people with all the things that are miserable. And others with none of the things that are blissed the fuck out 🧘🏽‍♂️♂️

You can relieve yourself of a LOT of pressure, judgement and impatience – by getting really clear and conscious about how you compare your journey to others – and challenge the limiting belief that you’re falling behind – like your life is a race.

So let go of this old, energy-sucking story that you’re behind and that others are ahead of you because of their martial/pregnancy/financial/career status – by listening to this week’s brand new podcast.

You’ll learn:

  • Why our culture falsely measures success by circumstances.

  • How to stop comparing and feel equal with your peers/family members…the ones you believe are “ahead” AND the ones you feel are behind.

  • Shift this limited belief to strengthen and support your mind-body fertility connection

Xo Spenser

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