What happens when your dreams start to come true 💫

Hey mama-bear!

I’m in the beautiful city of Seattle. A bunch of you responded to my Instagram stories (@spenserbrassard) saying this is your home town. Seattle is soo fun with great shopping, delicious food and flowers everywhere 💐

Because I’m on vacation, I totally forgot to promote my latest podcast 🤦🏼‍♀️

Lots of changes are happenin’ in my life. Dreams are coming true. And in the podcast, I want to give you a glimpse of what that’s like... what (very interesting) feelings come up when shit starts to actually happen....and how to receive ALL the miracles.

In this weeks podcast, you’ll learn: What happens when your dreams start to come true 💫

This podcast is a vulnerable one for me mama-bear.

I actually start to tear up. Cause to physically see what you’ve been creating in your mind - really strikes a variety of different emotions.

It’s such incredible proof that there is SO MUCH MORE to life than what meets the eye. So much more than the physical.

For me, this truth brought up a lot of stuff which I talk about in the podcast here. Because I’m adjusting out of my past and into my “new normal”.

You’re gonna learn:

  • The different phases of life coaching that help validate your feelings.

  • How to receive the new identity of your dream life, before it even happens.

  • Why it’s a good sign to feel uncomfortable ❤️

All my love from Seattle!
Xo Spense

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