Spenser Brassard

Hi! I'm certified life coach, Spenser Brassard.

If you're tired of wondering "why me"overwhelmed with what you should do next and done with wasting your time and money on zero results, then this place is for you.

My approach is different from everything you've heard about why couples struggle to get pregnant. No more diets. No more shoulding. No more trying to find out what's wrong with you. There is a different way.

It's time to bridge your mind with your body, so you can create your baby from a place of confidence and ease.

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spenser brassard

A little about me!

I’m a Canadian born and raised, Certified Life Coach and podcaster with big ass dreams. I also really like pizza, the Real Housewives, and daily essential oil baths (sometimes 2x daily in the cold Canadian winter!)

I turned my fertility journey into the best thing that’s ever happened to me, using the tools and techniques that I now get to share with women all around the world…and spoiler alert: You don’t have to get it “perfect” - you just hafta get started!

Today, I teach big-hearted women like you how to do the same.


Word on the street:

Have you ever been in a spot where you’ve tried everything imaginable to solve a problem and nothing seems to be working? You’re spending all your time, worry and hard earned money trying to get the the thing you can see so clearly in your mind but keeps eluding you. That is how I was feeling on my fertility journey before I found Spenser. After just over 2 months working with Spenser I became pregnant.
— Brittany K.
How do you say thank you to someone when you feel like the words ‘Thank You’ aren’t enough to cover the gratitude and thankfulness you feel inside. You have changed my life and I can happily announce that I am 13 weeks pregnant after my struggle with PCOS. Your passionate approach to life and helping woman become not only mothers but transform their thinking has been what has affected me the most.
— Leah H.
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