Kick-start Your Health in 10 Days or Less

Making the choice to get healthy is one of the hardest things you will ever have to do. Changing your lifestyle involves changing your thought patterns. The longer your thoughts have been activated, the harder they are to change.

But I’ve noticed something. Something that I wouldn't have thought to be true if I had never made the choice to take this path:

Changing your body first, makes it easier to change your mind.  

 Your body is 100% capable of connecting you to a healthy mind...if you let it. 

I always thought I was “in control” of my body and that it was my loyal servant.  I said, “jump” and it said how high.

Boy-oh-boy was I wrong.

Since I made the choice to fill my body with proper foods and exercise and eliminate preservatives and alcohol, I’ve actually grown the relationship with my body and I’m just starting to understand how it works a little more and more every day.

The most important component I’ve learned thus far:

Your body has a mind of its own and you can choose to work with it or against it.

The more you care for it, the more it will teach you...the more it will guide you...and the more it will love you back.

The first step I took to growing the relationship? Healthy eating.

Which is why I created a completely FREE Top Ten Fertility Foods eCookbook


I’ve come up with ten ridiculously healthy, super simple and absolutely delicious recipes designed to kick-start your body in a positive direction.

This eCookbook is for couples determined to get a healthy body in order to grow a healthy baby, but it’s also for people who simply give a flying (fill in the blank ....) about their current state of health.

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For the love of you and your body,

Spenser XO 

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